Soulfull Somatics

The somatic movement supported by elements of meditation, dance, yoga, and live music. This signature technique makes room for understanding how your body holds your essence, how it is dynamic, and how you can re-calibrate it.


Change how you move - change how the world moves around you! 

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What is it?

Pandemic Restrictions:  Social distancing has postponed our in-person interaction. But we all know that healing & connection is needed more than ever.

We've gone virtual!

Contact me if you would like SoulFULL Somatics for your organization or small group.  Special thanks to Vuka Collective, Facebook, Texas Freedom Network and Bastrop County Cares! They dedicated their efforts to ensure their members/employees get the tools needed to navigate this time.

Until recently, the mind was seen as more of a dictator over the body. But, the body can restructure and restore the mind. 

It is by "doing", that we experience transformation. Embodiment practices can identify, heal, & empower. Book the workshop soon.

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Guided Experience

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You will be guided through discovery, choice, & celebration relating to how we exist in our bodies. Leave with self-care practices & easy to apply info.

  • Discover your movement signature & create a personalized moving meditation.

  • Ground + Center using mindfulness practice.

  • Discuss a topic of somatic as it relates to daily life

  • Learn a moving meditation

  • Discover your movement signature using dance

  • Tea + Talk with Sade.