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The Chrysalis Transformation Program

Everyone can agree that the mind and body are connected. In everyday life, though, we tend to see the mind as a dictator of the body. But, the body is a hub of information, nourishment and transformation.


This program provides a way for you to get back into your body through movement, psychology and healing practices. Discover a healthier way of experiencing the world around you and within you. 

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You will be guided through discovery, choice, & celebration relating to how we exist in our bodies. Leave with self-care practices & easy to apply info.

Energy Analysis. A series of questionnaires that capture a holistic idea of how you move in the world - physically and energetically.

Somatic Healing. Biofeedback and energetic sensing is used to locate where personal history lives in the body. We also track how your innerspace shows up in your daily life patterns, choices, motivations and relationships.

Personalized Plan. Specific strategies to use in your daily life to level the imbalanced aspects and enrich the balanced ones. 1-on-1 weekly calls will help keep you grounded and accountable with real-time guidance and support.

Resources. Get access to what you need from yoga/dance videos, mindful psychology techniques, articles, worksheets, ebooks, breathwork and more.



3 Month Plan

Discover your innerspace

  • Initial Consultation

  • 2 Somatic Healing Sessions

  • Personalized independent plan

  • Weekly email support

  • Investment $1200

6 Month Plan

Build a strong foundation


  • Initial Consultation

  • Energy Analysis

  • 4 Somatic Healing Sessions

  • 12 Check-in Sessions

  • Personalized Plan

  • Resources, handouts, exercises

  • Weekly email support

  • Investment $2400

12 Month Plan

Make a deep commitment to transform


  • Initial Consultation

  • Energy Analysis

  • Monthly Somatic Healing Sessions

  • 27 Check-in calls

  • Personalized Plan

  • Resources, handouts, exercises

  • Unlimited email support

  • Investment $5000

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