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Oh Snap!
90s Music Video 

The somatic movement supported by elements of meditation, dance, yoga, and live music. This signature technique makes room for understanding how your body holds your essence, how it is dynamic, and how you can re-calibrate it.


Change how you move - change how the world moves around you! 

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I grew up in 1990''re welcome! 

No seriously - back then, summer vacation mostly meant not being in school activities so we had to make our own fun. That meant calling into MTV, VH1 or Video Music Box (for the non cable folx) to request our favorite videos and recording over our parents' VHS tapes. We'd spend hours learning the moves and then performed them at block parties in matching outfits. 


I just KNEW I was going to be a music video dancer. Fast forward to now. Music videos no longer tell stories and I have a rolodex of 90s dance moves + trivia.

Bask in nostalgia with me! 

Saturdays 10:30a

Body Collective

Studio Class

Tuesdays 6:30p

Mueller Branch Park Pavilion

Outdoor Jam

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Waterloo Greenway Workouts

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WE OUTSIDE at Moody Ampitheater - you DON'T want to miss this! 

Shout out to Waterloo Greenway + Castle Hill Fitness for bringing free, accessible and inclusive workouts to the community!   #wellnessforall

Tuesday, September 27th ​

6:00 - 7:00p

Moody Ampitheater

Brooklyn native Sadé M Jones guides you through a body inclusive warm up, 90s trivia and some music video themed fun at the end! So get out your choker necklaces, crop tops, Tims and windbreakers! A great alternative to working out + socializing.

Oh Snap! 90s Music Video Experience at Waterloo Greenway
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