SADEIZM is a way of life that uses movement to explore, adjust, and support our internal. So that it can be used to maneuver through our external. My work stems from the core belief that we are all born with innate wholeness. And over time that wholeness is chipped away at or covered up by interpersonal, societal or physical factors. The result is dis-connection and dis-ease in many forms. This is where embodiment and somatic experiencing comes in. 


Choose your experience. Enjoy!

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Vinyasa Yoga

Private Sessions

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Everyone has different goals, lifestyles, and personalities. The one on one attention accelerates and deepens growth and deepens growth over time. All sessions are custimizable and social distanced/virtual.


Intuitive Tarot

Somatic Healing

Body Sculpt



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There are multiple types of classes that encompass wellness, dance technique or fitness fun. Can also be offered in pods. 


Sunset Yoga. Like candlelit yoga done in studios, but the outdoor version for social distancing.

90s Music Video Fit.  90s nostalgia at its finest! (Think Zumba - but for your mindbodyspirit)

YogaDance. Therapeutic yoga mixed with my signature alchemy of dance stretches and breathwork.   

Rock Balancing


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DEEP REST is a self-care ritual crafted to cultivate not just sleep, but deep rest of the body, mind, and spirit.


The intention of this weekly workshop is centered around listening to deep truth - using the body as a vehicle for self-discovery, release, and integration.

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The Chrysalis

transformation program

Everyone can agree that the mind and body are connected. In everyday life, though, we tend to see the mind as a dictator of the body. But, the body is a hub of information, nourishment and transformation.

This program provides a way for you to get back into your body through movement, psychology and healing practices. Discover a healthier way of experiencing the world around you and within you.


SoulFull Somatics

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Until recently, the mind was seen as more of a dictator over the body. But, the body can restructure and restore the mind. 

It is by "doing", that we experience transformation. Embodiment practices can identify, heal, & empower.

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"She honestly helped me..."


"She honestly helped me to recognize the smallest of mechanics that are going on in my body when I dance! Recognizing what is going on internally helped me to further develop as a taller dancer and live up to dancing taller. On my journey, you have helped me to tell a story of through whatever my talent or artistry I’m presenting. Exploring dance and movement in all areas benefits the body and mind"

Body Esteem Blogger


"She shares expectations openly and encourages you to celebrate..."


Sade does an excellent job of facilitating space that is welcoming and nurturing. She shares expectations openly encourages you to celebrate whatever exploration you are on at the moment. It's amazing and challenging to be in a judgment-free space where vulnerability is encouraged but Sade does everything she can to make everyone feel safe and supported.

Professional Dancer


"She created such a warm and safe learning environment..."


"She created such a warm and safe learning environment that by the end of the first 30 minutes, I was genuinely dancing and interacting with strangers! her background in psychology makes her an extraordinary dance and yoga teacher for all bodies and personalities. Sade Jones will liberate you!"

Dancer and Teacher