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SoulFULL Flow Yoga

Root + expand through an accessible flow series that encourages being grounded in the present in order to move into the future with the wisdom of the past. Funky and fun playlist brings you back the your essence.

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@ Waterloo Greenway

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SoulFULL Flow integrates knowledge from a variety of yogic lineages and healing practices. With a base of Vinyasa Flow, I incorporate psychology theory, the somatics of dance and subtle-energy work to facilitate connection with our innate wholeness and then community. The intention is to give an experience of transformation through the body.


I use the frequency of music + the soulful vibes of a mindfully curated playlist. No matter the level, I adjust pace with the ever-changing energy of the group on the spot. Described as warm + solid, I am passionate about providing culturally relevant ways to engage in healing that is accessible to all.

Monday, September 5th 

12:30 - 1:30p

Moody Ampitheater

Yoga Child's Pose


“I loved how connected I felt with Sade and the other participants. Even though I was physically on the other side of the earth, I felt close spiritually and mentally. Precious experience, especially at this time!.” 


—  Magdalena, Melborne AUS

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